Headlight Beam W/Fog Light,12v, 356C, 911, 912,

Headlight Beam W/Fog Light,12v, 356C, 911, 912,

Code: Headlight_Beam_Foglight



Product Details

This is a very unique cool idea created for cars that can allow a 7" diameter headlight unit. This will work in the CB or US style headlight assembly buckets. This is complete headlight beam assembly that features 3 chambers - parking light on the top, headlight in middle & fog light on the bottom. Complete with 12v Halogen H-3, and H-4 bulbs. Fog light chamber is available in either clear or in yellow lens cover. You can clickon the check box for a clear lens fog light. Comes complete with headlight frame to mount into yourheadlight bucket, with the 3 male prongs, same styleheadlight bucket wiring and a H3 12v fog light. You wouldthen just need to plug your fog light wiring into the thisheadlight unit. Also has adjusting screws for the headlight.WoW~! great part for any restorationproject or those folks make kit cars. Ready to be installed in a regular headlight 3 prong typical wiring and the H3 for the fog light easily installs to your switch. This is sold as a pair. This will work on 356B,356C within the original style headlight units, on early 911 and 912's.